Kenyan music fans know that Sanaipei Tande was once part of a musical trio dubbed “Sema”. The group shot to fame back in 2004 when Sana, as she is fondly known, participated in a major East African music competition.

Barely a year later, the group split after which Sana went on to shape her own career path. Sana’s former band mates were Kevin ‘Kev’ Waweru and Pam Waithaka.

Sanaipei said she managed to keep her head above water through a strong support system provided by her family.

She said, “They really kept pushing me and they have been there all the step of the way. Family first for me. Second, showbiz did not get into my head it did not change who i am. It was never, ‘Oh my God I’m Sanaipei Tande’. I’m a celeb on stage performing, or on TV and radio during interviews and that hasn’t changed. Away from that I’m just me. I do music for the right reasons.”

In a recent episode of Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk, Sana dished out on the real reason why the group split.