If you have not watched the the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, of course, read no further than this full stop. That one over there.

Season 2 built up the foundation that we saw in Episode 1, promising that a lot more is going to happen to screw with us emotionally – as usual – in the remaining 8 episodes.

First of all, Jon Snow is back (*cheers lustily*). And though we all expected it further down towards the season, I am sure we were all just as excited that he showed up when he did.

What happens now? Does he take over the night’s watch? Does he avenge his death? Will he be the him we know him to be (were you, like me, looking to see if his eyes were the ice blue of the white walkers? They weren’t, but does that mean they will become so?)

This bodes well for the men of the Night’s Watch, now that the Wildlings are on this side of the wall. I was pleased to see the fiery-haired Tormund Giantsbane (such an apt name – and the giant is back!) show himself as leader, and I am curious to see what this resurrection means for Melisandre, who we all thought was not only old, but done with the Lord of Light.

I also wait to see if Sansa and Brienne will make it to the wall with the evil Lord Bolton, now on their tail. If you watched the episode you know that Ramsay is now Lord Bolton, after he killed his father, Roose Bolton, when they received news of the birth of his small brother, who he also killed (along with Bolton’s wife).


But does anyone really feel sorry for Roose, the guy who was part of the orchestration of the Red Wedding? The answer is no.

Theon appears to want to go back to his home, the Iron Kingdom, where things are in a bit of upheaval – his father has just been killed and his sister Yara may or may not ascend to the throne – at the moment it isn’t looking promising. Enter an exciting new king – maybe Euron, who killed the last one, and thinks his status of former pirate makes him a storm…

Bran is back. This excited me almost as much as Jon Snow’s return, because I think he holds the key to the restoration of Winterfell and the North – and not just because he is a unique Warg. I don’t think he is going to become king or anything, but he will be instrumental in the type of way that a seer – which it would appear he is training to be – is, invaluably.

And there was that little flashback to Lyanna and Ned Stark as children – and Willis, who is now Hodor. I am sure we will find out what happened to him in the next episode, to make him who he is now.

Speaking of kings, Tommen seems to be growing a spine over at King’s Landing, especially after apologising to his sorrowful mother for not letting her attend Myrcella’s funeral. There is something in Cersei’s eyes – and The Mountain by her side – that immediately implies blood will be spilt, and soon. Maybe Margaery will finally be free of the Faith, if Tommen decides he misses her too much? Maybe Cersei and Tommen will clear the Faith out from King’s Landing completely?

Arya is going back to the Tower, having passed an important test. Our Stark Daredevil will be sure to grow even further after she masters no sight – as she always does.

As for Tyrion – he is poised to become a friend to the dragons, in the absence of Daenerys, their mother, who is on her way to exile. Surely this can’t be the end of her story? The thing with George R. R. Martin, though, is that you never know.

What did you think of the episode?


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