Self-styled rapper CMB Prezzo may have it all put together in a year when he pulled a good comeback, but he is not a happy chap right now.

With three songs ready for release, the King of Bling says the current political impasse is derailing showbiz and now, he wants the Supreme Court to act with conscience in clearing the presidential petitions.

“I have been waiting for this political dust to settle for me to launch my new songs. I have been working hard all year, getting really focused to re-launch my career. I have just returned from Tanzania where I worked with several stars among them Dogo Janja and I planned to do the release as soon as the president is announced. These presidential petitions are derailing my life,” Prezzo told Pulse.

“Right now I am more focused than I was when I released my first album Naleta Action. I am helping young people doing drugs to rehabilitate. In other words, my life is looking up and I want to get this career on a good path,” he added.