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Seven dramatic things that happened during daddy owen and fridas wedding:

1: Golden pen dried up

The golden pen that Farida Wambui used to sign her marriage certificate failed to work when it was Daddy Owen’s turn, he had to borrow the pastor’s pen to certify the marriage.

2: Eric and Shantell next?

Erick Omondi’s girlfriend Shantell was so attentive during the church ceremony that the stole everyone’s attention. Everyone wondered if she is next on the line.

3: Dare Derrick, the page boy…

Derrick, the pageboy who carried the wedding rings was a great dancer, he cracked some jokes with the couple and the pastor at the church before displaying his dancing skills later at the Radisson Blu hotel where the reception was held. “Where is your mother?” we asked the charming five-year-old Derrick. And he pointed at the bride.

4: Oh my! Was that a flower vase scare?

One of the ladies at the church was slightly hurt by a flower vase which fell down just as Daddy Owen and his wife were about to take the memorable photo with the church’s pastor, the florist may not have done her job well.

5: Traffic jam…Why did we hire the cops?

Daddy Owen’s best man and brother Rufftone was not very happy with the flow of the traffic despite hiring two police motorcade escorts from the Buru Buru church to the reception venue. At one time he came out the leading Range Rover car and approached the traffic cops to ‘do something’ so that they could beat the jam and time.

6: We are popping non-alcoholic champagne guys…

Daddy Owen and Farida’s champagne was non-alcoholic and as some guests tried to roll their eyes and whisper wondering if some little wine had found its way to the altar, the MC, Dr Ofweneke, intervened with loud and clear announcement; “No…It’s not alcoholic….”

7: All the single ladies missed the bouquet

As a norm, it’s expected that the bride to throw her bouquet to the waiting and anxious single ladies in the house, who normally come dressed in ‘attention seeking’ manner. And at the end of the evening, they lined-up waiting to grab the throw. None of them got it. It landed on Arthur K’s table and was handed to him and his girlfriend.