We all know relationships are tricky especially in this dot-com era we live in today. It is no wonder that most relationships don’t last long which is to say that both men and women constantly do things that may make them drift apart. However, it is never really over until it is so ladies, here are a few things you do that your fella can’t stand.  If you are trying to save your relationship or make it last longer, you might as well want to do away with these things.

Constant nagging.
There is nothing more irritating than a lady that nags all the time. I mean if he does something over and over again after you told him so many times not to, go ahead and nag. But if you are the type that just nags constantly over everything, it just becomes bothersome and quite frankly, unattractive.

Bossing him around.
Now, ladies if this is something you do, you might as well stop because most men do not like or want to be told what to do. They prefer to do whatever they are supposed to do on their own. So if you are the type that likes bossing him around, you might want to cut that out. He is your man after all, so treat him like a king and he will treat you like the queen that you are.

Asking For Credit all the time.

Asking for credit is not a crime, however, doing it all the time just becomes bothersome. You cannot keep asking a guy for credit literally all the time. Have some class and buy your own credit. Even if it is once in a while.

Wearing too much makeup.

Ladies, don’t get me wrong, wearing makeup is not wrong at all. In fact, it rocks if you know what makeup works for you best that will make you look more attractive. However, some men just do not like women with too much makeup so keep it simple and classy. Do not overdo it to a point you are completely unrecognizable without it.

Not giving him space.

This is something you must understand ladies, men need their space. Yes, you always want to talk to him and yes, you always want to be with him but at the end of the day, he needs time on his own or to just chill with his friends. So do not suffocate him in the relationship. Just give him some space to do his thing.

Do not take his wardrobe space.

If you guys are not at a point where you are living together or he hasn’t asked you yet, do not claim half his space just because you are dating. Wait until he tells you it is okay for you to leave your things at his place. If he does not and you do leave your stuff, it just becomes annoying and irritating.

Taking His Coat.

You know how you go out with your boo and when he tells you to put on something warm and you refuse claiming you will be fine? Well, we all know it gets colder as the night passes and most women do not stick to being alright so you end up asking your man for his coat and yet he also needs it. This can be quite annoying given he had asked you to put on something warm.