On Kiss Fm breakfast with the stars show, Adelle and Shaffie hosted Shappaman and Naiboi to talk about their new track.

Shappaman, from the famously known group Camp Mulla and Naiboi did a collabo without even meeting up. Naiboi made his way to the Epic Nation music studio and jammed to a track Creme had produced and Shappaman had already recorded his part way before. DJ Creme dela’ Creme made it all happen at his studio Epic Nation music.

Shappaman did a hook to the track and for the first time he tried something different, he sang to the hook of the track. DJ Creme mentioned to Shappaman, who would make the track feel complete, and after two days both artists met at the studio for the first time and the track was finally done and has already been released.


Naiboi has his own studio but he decided to explore and got to work with an artist that was nominated for a BET Award.

He said; “Going to a different studio and exploring gave me the chance to practice both my creativity ad determination so as to not limit myself and take the Kenyan music industry to a different kind of level”.

Naiboi said this when he was asked why he decided to record in another studio rather than his own. The track is aimed to give artists from different genres the notion to come together and focus on making the industry and pushing Kenyan music ahead to make it better. This collabo has given both artists room to experiment to their capabilities and creativity and a chance to do different genres.

“This track definitely did give us room to show what we both can do for the Kenyan music”, Shappaman and Naiboi said this with enthusiasm.

Shappaman got to work with the biggest producer currently in the music scene in Kenya. Shappaman and Naiboi got to release their song called “NO LOVE” produced by DJ Creme at Epic Nation.

He continued “This relates to how fast Nairobi is growing and how people prefer money rather than showing love and its also talks more  about personal emotional feelings that is aimed to entertain every audience and mostly to capture the female audience”, Shappaman said this words explaining the tracks meanin.