When it comes to money, some people simply know how to make it by the bucket loads. While the rest of us watch by the sidelines until we are either touched by the gods of courage or simply tire of our poverty and decide to get into the business of hunting for money.

I just came across a certain lass by the name Sheikha Mercy. And I must say that while her music is “ify” at best, her lifestyle certainly isn’t. She is truly a boss. Not only does she live large but she has assets, no, not Vera Sidika assets, I am talking about the real assets most of us are working towards -apartments.

I only caught word about her today when my colleague Kwarula Otieno, the lad that does our videos sent me a link to her stuff.

I also noted that her style of doing music is rather similar to Akothee’s. One thing I will say however is that she is truly a focused lass as she has been churning out music consistently and while I might not be her number one fan, she has a steadly growing fanbase and even has more views than some of our more established artists.

That however isn’t what is impressive. The fact that she owns these flats is:

Oh, and by the way, she drives a supercharged Range: