A class three pupil is in police custody after stabbing a class two pupil seven times with a kitchen knife in Kinangop, Nyandarua County.

The 13-year-old boy surrendered to the police after stabbing the girl in an oat plantation at 7:30pm on Wednesday, July 6.

Area residents are still reeling in shock following the tragic incident, with the families still trying to come to terms with the murder.

Quoting the sentiments of one Silver Furaha Gaita on her Facebook page, “Yet when I talk about the self entitlement our Kenyan men seem to have , I’m called a feminazi.
Even our daughters are not safe. Because you’re not teaching your sons that No means No, and that a NO is actually a possibility. Women are not God. You don’t automatically receive when you ask.
We find rape jokes funny. We even make music about them and the songs become instant hits and when you question you’re told you don’t have a sense of humour, you take life too seriously.
So can we honestly say we are shocked that a 13 year old boy stabbed an 11 year old girl for refusing to be his girlfriend?”

The slain girl’s mother Pauline Njeri says the two were last seen heading to a shop to buy sweets, she was later called after a neighbor found the girl lying in a pool of blood.

Pauline Njeri mourns the death of her daughter.

The boy stabbed the girl after reportedly refusing his advances

The two who are both in lower primary classes because they joined school late are said to be good friends with their families having a cordial relationship.

The girl’s uncle Robert Igamba now wants justice for the family even though they still do not know the motive of the fatal attack.

The girl positively identified the boy as the attacker as she was found conscious but later succumbed to injuries due to excessive bleeding and rapture of internal organs.