A fan was quick to comment he’s not a fan of Diamond Platnumz on his Instagram post and Diamond lost his temper in the process. He called the fans all kind of names in the process, a thing that didn’t impress his other fans.

Diamond Platnumz recently lost his composer and fired a long scathing attack to a fan after he commented on one of his Instagram post saying he doesn’t like him.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond lost his temper after the fan comment on his Instagram live video on Sunday 29.

“You don’t need to hate me because I don’t hate you,” fired Diamond. “By the way, I don’t f**king know you. The person that hates me, I don’t know him.”

“I only know people who love me because I always concentrate with people who love me, support me, support me, if you hate me f**k you. I don’t know you.”

He continued: You don’t even stressed me out because I have I know you must be broke. If you are not broke there’s no way you can hate me, if you hate me f**k you are broke.

And if you are broke you can’t stress me out because I got more money than you, I got more cars than you and I got more houses than you. F**k you.

The comments didn’t go down well with his close to 3.5 million followers. They attacked the singer claiming he’s arrogant after his long rant.

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