Even though most ladies in the society love to glow and look fabulous by applying makeup, it is important for us to review the effects of some of these products that they use.

If you are a woman who loves to look good by adding different layers of makeup on the face, then this is for you. It is important for you to let your skin breathe from time to time. There are so many ladies in the society that cannot step out without having their faces done.

It is quite understandable that everyone wants to look good and fashionable; it would be very hard to walk around without seeing ladies who have their faces heavily and perfectly done. Some ladies would be hard to recognise if the layers of foundation and concealers were to be rubbed off their faces.

Apart from the fact that some of the ladies who wear makeup look fake, you should know that some of these products are made from chemicals that are considered harmful.

Now, it is okay to use these products once in a while and wash them off before going to bed. Excessive use of makeup would only expose the face to germsĀ and harmful toxins.

Although it is fascinating seeing the transformation of most of the ladies who apply makeup on their faces, the application of these products no doubt bring out the unique features on the faces of the women.

However, everything should be done minimally. As much as ladies want to change their looks and come out fabulous, they should be mindful of the chemicals they pout on their faces.

Excessive application of makeup could have a deleterious effect on the body. The chemical composition of the makeup could cause allergies, irritation, and skin cancer.

Ladies sometimes cannot ascertain the quality of the products they use for makeup, some of these products have severe adverse effects on the face and other parts of the body.

Ladies should try as much as possible to use facial scrubs and cleansers to take off the makeup on their faces as the products applied have the ability to clog the pores on their faces and trap dirtĀ at the same time. The lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadows, contour, concealers and foundation often used by women have their own side effects.

Some of the harmful effects of applying excessive makeup are wrinkles, patches, dark circles, scarring, acne, boils, and pimples. There is every tendency for heavy makeup users to look older once the makeup is taken off their faces. The heavy makeup adds lines to their faces over time and makes them look weird when they do not have it on.

It is pathetic that the side effects of these products are hardly written on the packs. Some ladies notice the side effects at the early stage but choose to give in to self-denial. The cost of the products and desperation could make them ignore the signs.

When facial reactions occur after the use of some of these products, it is imperative for women to stop using them. Washing off these products before going to bed would also reduce the chances of developing health problems.

Women who use the wrong makeup could also end up having problems with their skin. Some of the products they use may cause their skin to itch or burn. Applying the wrong makeup could change the appearance of the women who misuse them and make them look horrible.