News went rounds that Dela Maranga, one of Kenya’s talented vocalist was addicted to drugs.

Mpasho caught up with the Mafeelings hit maker to set the record straight about the drug accusations started by a local photographer, and that even her friends did not want to take pictures with her.

“A lot has been said about me. Sometimes some things are said that could affect my life. Rumours have been going on that I’m on drugs. I’m not on drugs. That’s not a funny joke about somebody, that’s character assassination.”

She continued to pour her heart out:

“I didn’t take it lightly and at the same time I didn’t want it to affect me. Some people should be more careful about what they write about other people.”

When asked if such controversy made her not get gigs, the Adabu hitmaker denied it.

“So far not so good. I’m still gigging, I’m still working, I was on a tour before that. I would say that I haven’t been affected.”

She added: “I think I would have probably gone to court if it started affecting my money.”

Dela is currently running the airwaves with the hit song Honey and Mpasho can confirm that she is about to drop some mad tune after collaborating with Jason Derulo.

Here is an exclusive interview;