Juliani, coming from one of the most dangerous places from Nairobi, Dandora Estate, always has some few shocking confessions once in a while. This time he opened up about losing his virginity.


Brenda Wairimu’s husband has some wild past, we have always known that.

Coming from Dandora the land of crime and social evils, singer Juliani recently decided to share some of that past with her fans, opening up when he had sex for the first time.

“By the time I was in class 3 we were already exposed or somehow introduced to sex,” said the Hela singer in the long post.

“There was always a naked magazine being passed around when the teacher has his back on us, concentrating on the black board busy trying to find X. My experience happened in the school toilet.

“Every Friday in our school was overall cleaning day. Whereby classes took turns in washing the entire school. This particular Friday was our turn. The teacher were always not around, the activities were supervised by head boys and school prefects.”0fgjhs7me84q6rrcg-64578449

                                                                     Juliani and wife Brenda Wairimu

Juliani, who has married fellow entertainer Brenda Wairimu and together have one kid, claims he lost his virginity to a lady who had a similar skin tone as his wife – a light skinned.

“I was tense but I had to do what I had to do after all few of my friend knew what I was up to. The girl of my choice was tall, light skinned and we always make eye contact in class. 0fgjhsr84nfbo1das-6d295dfe

                                                                                  Brenda WairimuI occasionally threw chewed paper at her; This wasn’t papier Mache, we called it paper mate! Strange childish way of declaring love!” Juliani narrated his story