She has been in the limelight for as long as we can all remember, at times for controversial reasons. But now, Marya seems to have settled down with her catch, and baby alarms are now sounding.

Back then Marya and fellow Kenyan artist colonel Moustapha were the go-to couple when you thought of relationship goals but as fate would have it, religious differences proved too big of a storm for the two to weather down, and they eventually split.

Marya moved on to a Dubai-based ninja, known as Kevin, and it has been roses ever since.

They have now been together a little over two years, and to cup their romance, Marya is now expectant by the guy.

Marya and her bae Kevo

She shared some pretty cute photos of her and her man, which exhibited a conspicuous baby bump- a sign that the little one is not too far from now.

Her loyal fans have been very heavy on congratulatory messages, as they eagerly anticipate the next celebrity baby in Kenya.

We can only wish them the best.