Singer Nazizi was once struggling with her weight immensely.  She is now an inspiration after losing so much.


Singer Nazizi was once struggling with weight.

Celebrated singer Nazizi Hirji was once struggling with her body thanks to the weight she had accumulated over time.


Singer Nazizi before anf after weight loss.

The ragga singer had become block, with the added weight affecting her performances immensely.

It also threatened her life big time.


Nazizi is every inch stunning.

Thankfully, she noticed this and embarked on a mission to lose weight manageable levels.

The exercise was not easy bu Nazizi put in effort, worked hard, hit the gym, changed her diet and did all it takes to shed off some pounds.


This girl has worked hard.

The results are stunning.

Today, Nazizi looks extremely attractive, she looks like herself and the body she has, is as good as you would want it to be.


Nazizi now looks stunning after weight loss.

She is not the type of girl who resorts to her old ways after losing the weight.

Nazizi has continued to maintain it, sharing her moments in the gym and lessons to those who want to lose their weight.

Well, everything comes with some pain but Nazizi is just an inspiration to everyone struggling with their weight.0fgjhs71b3acc7h83-0465601a

Too much weight takes away self-confidence, gives one headaches and stress. Learn from Nazizi.

Singer Nazizi has lost weight like you have never seen before.