– Marya, a Kenyan singer,  has refuted claims that she slept around orchestrating the nasty breakup with Colonel Mustapha in 2014

– Mustapha had made claims that his ex-lover slept around with most of his friends, including gospel artist that he threatened to shame online 

– The two, before their break-up, were Kenya’s most coveted celebrity couple 

Mustapha said that Marya cheated. Marya said that Mustapha was the king of sleeping around. It was hilarious back and forth blame game.

The two celebrity love-birds broke up nastily in 2014. The reasons of the break-up were vague.  At the time, Marya accused her rapper boyfriend of being unfaithful leading to their fallout while Mustapha maintained innocence- accusing his ex-lover of being too ambitious.


Colonel Mustapha and Marya back in the day before they broke up. Image:

Colonel Moustapha, best known for his hit-song, Lenga Stress knows the insides of controversy better than he knows his left hand- courting contoversy over the years and earning himself the Kenyan king of ratchets.

When they broke up, Marya, on an interview told a radio station that her nasty breakup had taken such a toll on her that she considered becoming a lesbian.

When her ex-lover heard that, he jokingly said  that Marya wanted to swing the other way because she could not find a man better than him!

Mustapha recently opened a can of worms over his nasty fallout with the Chokoza singer- according to him, he was tired of being blamed for their break -up. It was Marya who cheated on him with several men including several gospel artists.

To put an end  to all the drama, Marya has accused Mustapha of being an attention seeker while remaining blind to the things he did to her- apparently, Marya walked away from the relationship after she was abused physically by the rapper.

Since the break-up, Mustapha has been on the headlines with news that he was dating socialite Huddah. Though Huddah denied the claims at an interview, calling the rapper, a lofty dreamer.

The rapper also picked an online beef with Nyota Ndogo towards the end of 2015. Most people accuse him of silly theatrics meant to keep him relevant in showbiz.