Being a female artist in Kenya is very taxing reason being you have to learn how to deal thirsty men, you just have to! 


Case in point is Vivian who has been in the industry for only three years but always has hordes of men sending her raunchy messages.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, the sultry songstress revealed the kind of texts she gets in her inbox. According to her, the level of ufisi in Kenya can’t be compared to any country.

“The level of ufisi in this country is undisputable and unmatchable. Its on a whole new level. These days I can’t go out past 9 p.m unless I have my team around me. I think we live in a dangerous world of mafisis,” she said.

A while back, Vivian put up a post describing the kind of man she wants in her life. Little did she know that she had just ignited a fire.

Since then, she has been getting all sorts of messages from men and most of them are not pleasing to the eye.


“One wrote to me saying that he had already bought our house, people are delusional. But at the end of the day, they are still my fans and I love them.”