Gorgeous Kenyan songstress Victoria Kimani is on the market, again. This became apparent in a recent interview when she let the cat out of the bag.

Being one of the most bankable – and bangable – Kenyan female artistes, this is pretty good news for Team Mafisi.

Well, the thick, sexy, cute and all kinds of adorable singer, is out of the enviable relationship she was in.

The sassy performer had been dating a hunk, whom she introduced to the world during her 32nd birthday in South Africa.

During an interview on Let’s Talk, she revealed that she’s not been in a relationship saying, “I’ve not been in a relationship for like 6 months now…and I haven’t tried to move on”, she said.

Talking about how guys swarm all over her, she said that “they’re always trying to hit that, but it’s not what I want.”