Natalie Florence Kutoto aka Noti flow is a Kenyan female rapper and socialite. Of late she has had so much drama with ‘boyfriend issues’ from Mustafa to Prezzo.

prezzo and noti flow

Recently Amber lulu claimed that Prezzo went to see her in Tanzania and they kinda have a fling for each other. And Noti flow had to ask her to back off from her man.

Anyway, apart from all that drama, she posted her photo saying how she doesn’t like wearing skirts dresses and heels; here is is the reason why;

Noti Flow

“As much as I try to be a girl the ni**h in me just won’t leave me alone 😳 That’s why I don’t prefer skirt / dress/ heels . I can’t sit like a lady for 5 minutes😭 I just find my legs on the table 😂”