Singer Eddy Kenzo has finally put to rest rumors that have long circulated in the media about his involvement with Illuminati

The speculation which was first published by a local Ugandan newspaper ‘’Kamunye’’ a sister paper to RedPepper at the helm of ‘Sitya Loss’’ global success, a song that won him BET Award.

The success was attributed to some superficial power that caused the song to go viral. Many newspapers picked up the story and blew it out of proportion. Surprisingly, Eddy Kenzo remained tight-lipped and evaded several attempts by Journalists to get his side of the story.

Today, the musician finally broke his silence and revealed how for long people across East African have continuously called and texted him expressing willingness to subscribe to the cult at whatever cost.

‘’Seriously, People should stop disturbing, I have received calls from Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and other countries asking me how they can join me….One of them told me he was ready to even sacrifice his father if that’s what it takes to join Illuminati…,’’ Eddy narrates.

Kenzo denies any links to Illuminati bashing media outlets for tarnishing his name over baseless allegations. Saying people are not used to overnight success so they quickly jump into conclusions.

‘’I normally tell them to go to Kamunye News Paper to give them instructions on joining illuminati since they know those involved in it,’’ Kenzo concludes.