I have noticed that the older one gets (after 35 for men, and after 30 for women), the more difficult it becomes for them to get married. I know many men past 35 who are well off, but are not keen on marriage at all. Even their parents and relative have stopped raising hell for them.

It used to be that there are no serious men to marry. But now, the tables have turned. Getting a serious woman to marry nowadays is like getting a good politician you can trust: impossible!

Women want men to be husbands in the traditional sense, but they want to be wives in the modern sense, which is a double-standard. I asked a few bachelors why they are not keen on marriage, despite their advancing age. Here are some of the reasons:

Misplaced expectations

You meet a woman, she is perfectly sensible, and looks wife-able, until you express your interest. She notices you have some spare cash in the bank and she starts getting ideas about a grand wedding.