DJ Mo and Size 8 are a power couple such that they even go for the ‘late carpool karaoke’ together.

In their latest video, the two lovebirds were singing along to the hit gospel song by Eko Dydda dubbed Vidole when DJ Mo started creating his own words.


The video starts with both singing along to the chorus and at one point they were flowing until it got to the first stanza.

DJ Mo was sort of trying to keep up with Size 8 but he kinda got mixed up in the middle when Size 8 tries to shut him down; “Wee hujui words,” she says smiling.

However, this didn’t keep the celebrated DJ from going on and on but he better stick to djing and let Size 8 do her thing.

This song is definitely an amazing one and the couple singing along to it with their vidole flowing with the beats, makes it look even more fun. We can’t wait to see the next song they will be singing along to.