Not many babies in the world, leave alone in Kenya, can brag of commanding a fan base of almost 90,000 Instagram fans. Size 8’s baby, Ladasha Belle Wambo, is just one of those sweet little baby that has many fans online proving Kenyans love her.

Ladasha Belle Wambo.

That’s the name of Size 8 and DJ Mo’s cute daughter. Barely two years old, Wambo has almost 90,000 followers on Instagram, a thing that prove Kenyans love her.


Asked what had inspired the name, Size 8 said, “Ladasha means blessing, and Belle means Beautiful! She is our beautiful blessing and she will always be our constant reminder of God’s grace in our marriage life.”


Wambo is a photocopy of DJ Mo, a thing that size 8 says has never bothered her since she is just happy of having her after she almost lost her pregnancy twice.


“Imagine she is the copy and paste of her dad. It makes me feel like I was just an incubator. But, haina noma, wacha babake afurahie (there’s no problem, let the father take joy in the resemblance),” she says.


After giving birth, Size 8 did not waste any time in getting her sexy back, and soon enough she had sprung back to her usual hustle on the TV.