Linet Munyali is the real name for the popular gospel musician Size 8. Size 8 is a singer, songwriter and performer who switched from secular music to gospel music, known mostly for her hit “Mateke”13335650_1174137789284499_4972530468064261124_n

Discovered by Clemo a Kenyan producer, when she went for some local auditions, she is signed on the Calif Records label. She is a fresh artist who has not disappointed with her hits: “Size 8” and the more recent “ Shamba Boy”. She is joining the big ranks, having sang beside the who is who in the Kenyan music scene in the recently concluded Promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution. She is currently recording her first album with Calif records and with her passionate and sultry dance moves, we can imagine and look forward to the album.

Size 8 Family and Husband

Size 8 is married to Dj Mo a 10428569_1117082584990020_3613676743205060283_n

Linet Munyali – Size 8 AWARDS

Groove awards– Video of the Year – Mateke (2014)
Groove awards- Female artist of the Year (2014)
Groove awards– Song of the Year – Mateke (2014)

Size 8 – Linet Munyali Interview.

In just three years you have moved from near zero to being a millionaire, how did that happen?
Even I still don’t believe that. It’s God’s work and hard work put together.

How much are you worth right now?
I don’t know yet, and I have never calculated.

I guess all that translated into cash. How much money did you make last year?
If I’m to calculate for six months only up to December, I made about Sh7 million.

What have you done with that kind of money?
Investments here and there, 10 percent as tithe, and I’m about to start a children’s home with a friend Eddy Gicheru Oketch, in Nyanza.

At what point did you start getting that kind of money?
When I made a decision to raise my performance fee. I used to charge very little cash to perform but when I realised how powerful I was as a musician, I decided to take advantage of that.

Who or what do you owe your success to?
Other than God, there is Clemmo of Calif records, who gave me a platform to record music when I was zero. I also work hard and appreciate everyone who supports me and my music, especially my family.

I thought you fell out with Calif and you excelled?
Yes, Calif management team, but not Clemmo to be specific. He is still a very good friend.

Sometimes you dress very skimpily while on stage, is your family okay with that?
Funny, my mother watches almost all my performances and videos on TV. She is my biggest critic. She doesn’t mind me wearing miniskirts or dresses, but when one looks bad, she always points it out.

It’s campaign season, why haven’t you endorsed any political party like many of your peers?
Because I want peace in this country. Politics and politicians come and go, but without peace, the common mwananchi will suffer and Kenyans have seen that happen before.

Politicians are already luring musicians with lucrative deals as long as they endorse and perform in their campaigns. Don’t you think you are losing out?
The same politicians from different camps have called me too. I have declined all their offers and it’s the choice I have made. I have given all presidential candidates one condition that I will appear in all their rallies if they promise to preach peace with me on stage.

Each and every candidate?
Yes, without choosing sides, each and every presidential candidate.

What’s your opinion on those artistes who have already endorsed politicians and their parties?
I can’t judge them because every person has their own reason for doing what they do. But I would tell them one thing, while there, please preach peace.
We have seen international musicians like Jay-Z and Beyonce endorse a presidential candidate like Obama. What do you say about that?
America’s politics is more mature compared to Kenya’s. Here, we chose tribes not development.

Why are you so obsessed with this peace issue? And what is peace according to you?
To begin with, peace is like this fertile land for growth, one that can make the impossible be possible. I was affected during the 2007-2008 post poll violence when I lost friends and lived in fear every day. I don’t want to experience a repeat of that.

So what exactly are you doing about it?
I am working with like-minded people and organisations. I have been trying to voluntarily get to the grassroots and recruit several peace ambassadors across the country.

How does that work?
The peace ambassadors will preach peace within their communities and stop any form of violence or unrest that might mar the country especially during these sensitive election times.

Are you doing it on your own or there are people assisting you?
I am trying to mobilise several musicians and other showbiz stakeholders to join my initiative.