For a pretty long time, Khaligraph has proved that rap music rules the streets. He came into the limelight and blew everyone away with his rap skills. No one even believed he hails from Kayole, because he’s got an accent that many believe he fakes.

He addressed this issue a while back, and y’all have to get used to it. It’s his signature, and just like every artiste, that’s what his identified with, well apart from his good music.

khaligraph skin2

But of late, there have been rumours swirling that Khaligraph has bleached his skin. He actually looks different, because everyone knows he’s a dark-skinned ninja.

Well, the darkness is fading away pretty fast. During an interview on The Trend, he was confronted by Ciku Muriuki, who is filling in for Larry Madowo, about why people are concluding that he’s bleached his skin.

If you know Khaligraph, you know he says it as it is. He went ahead to declare that the main reason why he looks different is because of God’s blessings and face scrub. Yeah, right.

khaligraph face1

He said, “Right now I’m leaving a different kinda life compared to the life I used to live four years ago. I’m drinking clean water, I’m driving my own cars, I’m not walking out therein the sun getting burned. My shawty introduced me to this thing where when you go to the salon they scrub your face.”

He continued, “This is how I’m supposed to look like. The Khaligraph you used to know, that was Khaligraph who was going through a lot of problems. But right now God has been good to me.”

So Khaligraph believes that face scrub can actually make you lighter? Well, that’s new. Maybe we should all start scrubbing our faces, buy new cars and drink lots of water.