Zari is one very determined person and focused and if we may say. She has stood by Diamond with all his drama and she is not giving up anytime soon.

Consdering that Zari is the one who tuned Diamond. Yes, She has confessed that she invited him for her ‘whiteparty’ with intention of trapping him for herself. May be she knew the repurcusions of dating a younger man.

So she was all cusioned, no matter what you do, they can’t  seperate. The 37yrs and 9 years younger Diamond are building their love story with all love stonesthey can get of.

She said, she requested him to come perform for her ‘whiteparty’ but he told her to talk to her manager. But hit the jackpot when they met on a flight both travelling on first class. So, they had the opportunity to exchange contacts and their love story started.

“I slide into his DM so that he could come to my white party and then he told me to talk to his manager,” Zari Hassan narrated in part.

So after a couple of weeks they started talking to each other and i guess Diamond was smitten by Zaris gorgeous looks, so irrisistable.

“Diamond started doing a background check on me and the next thing we met on a flight, we exchanged numbers and then we started dating after a couple of weeks. We couldn’t stop calling each other. The chemistry was just amazing,” said Zari Hassan.