Stick to a healthy diet. Work out every day. Practice mindfulness. Stay away from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

These are all important rules for a healthy lifestyle but they sometimes require a major shift in one’s daily habits. Of course, they are effective ways to stay healthy and live longer but many people lack the dedication to stick to them in the long run. These are certainly desirable habits to adopt but there are times when your schedule or your obligations stand in their way. There are, in turn, smaller things that you can change in your life that can help you live a happier, healthier life without turning it upside down.

Reduce stress

Stress, especially work-related stress, is a major concern around the world. The pace of life has increased a lot recently, with a lot more stimuli pouring at our senses from all directions – from the streets, from the media, from the internet. The increased, sustained stress of modern life can take its toll both on your physical and mental health: stress can cause a variety of conditions from burnout and depression to circulatory problems and diabetes. So, reducing the effects of everyday stress is vital.

Reducing stress can be done in many ways simply, at home. From setting aside half an hour each day as “me-time” when you can forget about your daily stress and focus on something to like, perhaps reading a book, playing a few relaxing games at Betway Kenya casino to taking a walk in the park or meditating, you have quite a few options. Reducing everyday stress will help you live a more balanced, meaningful life.

Be more active

Sedentarism is one of the major problems of our modern world. People spend more and more hours sitting behind a desk, working on a computer only to go home (sitting in a car) and continue sitting in front of the TV or a computer in their free time. As you might expect, this has a negative effect on everything from their posture to their waist size, not to mention their health, in general – sedentarism has been associated with a variety of health conditions, from hemorrhoids and obesity to cardiovascular disease, and even some types of cancer.

Sedentary people often feel like they lack the time or the energy needed for changing their lifestyle – and sometimes, this is indeed the case. But dedicating hours of your days to working out and sports is not the only way to counter its effects. If you can’t reshuffle your daily schedule, you can always start by dedicating your “me-time” to taking a long walk in the park or going biking. Also, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator at your office and your apartment building – this has been shown not only to contribute to your daily dose of activity but can also prolong your life.

Switch your snacks

Snacking between meals is perhaps the best way to keep hunger at bay – but only if your snacks are the right ones. Most of the snacks available in shops are unhealthy – they have too many “empty calories” that don’t contribute much to the good functioning of your body but go directly to the waist. While radically changing your daily diet may be hard at times, switching snacks for fruit and vegetables is a relatively easy task – and it will do a lot of good for your health.

Instead of potato chips, you can nibble on sliced carrots, instead of pretzels, you can munch on raw, salted cauliflower, and instead of a chocolate bar, you can always turn to fresh fruit. These are great if you have the munchies but won’t overload your body with empty calories – but they will add healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals to your diet.