The house is located in Kahawa Sukari Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Juacali is arguably one of the best rappers in Africa. Juacali, whose music career began at Calif Records has grown over the years to become a force to reckon with. The rapper does not only boast of countless hits but also an impressive number of awards and accolades.
Juacali started music way back when local artists would be appreciated with bottles of sodas and peanuts for pay. However, through perseverance and hard work, Juacali managed to set himself apart from the rest by maintaining his signature style of rapping. Music Perks! Inside Juacali’s posh house (Photos) Juacali
Juacali’s uniqueness has garnered him thousands of loyal fans who are normally ready to fill up clubs and other venues whenever he stages shows. Well, with incessant shows comes lots and lots of money. The rapper has amassed a lot of wealth over the years thanks to music.
Music Perks! Inside Juacali’s posh house (Photos) A family man, Juacali has always put the interests of his family first and at heart. This, he recently proved by building his wife and two kids a humongous house in Kahawa Sukari, where they live together.  Inside Juacali’s posh house.
While news about his new house was widely publicized, no one has really gotten the chance to have a sneak peak of the house apart from his closest friends and relatives. However, managed to get exclusive interior photos of Juacali’s posh house located in Kahawa Sukari.