It’s been almost two months since he posted this photo on Twitter, but we still think this news too important not to write about it.
The fact that he’s a grandpa, doesn’t make him less cool, do you agree? His grandson will grow up and become as grand as Snoop Dogg is, there are no doubts. With this photo, Snoop Dogg shows another side of his personality, which is super adorable and cute!
He may be famous for his gangster rap and hardcore lyrics, but for this little boy, Snoop Dogg is a loving grandpa first of all.
Does that make your heart melt, just like ours? He’s 45-years-old now, and many younger stars call him “Uncle Snoop”, for him being so wise and having so much experience.
And his grandson’s name is Zion Kalvin, he’s two-years-old and he’s totally adorable! The kid was born in January 2015. His father is Snoop Dogg’s son Cordé Broadus. The happy family loves little Zion, as you can see in the photo, the two look completely happy!
And also, all the ladies should be careful – we think Zion is going to be more than just handsome. Don’t you agree, that Snoop Dogg is a perfect grandpa?!