We all known city socialite Huddah with her stunts when it comes to showing her flashy lifestyle but this time round she seems to have upgraded her game.

She took to social media saying Uhuru should stop being soft and be a dictator if this our beloved country was to prosper.

She said President Uhuru needs to stand his ground and deal with those insulting his authority instead of turning a blind eye.

Huddah went on to add that Deputy President William Ruto would make a very good President to the country. That he is the kind of President Kenya needs since he is one tough cookie.

“I’d rather have a Ruto presidency, the man doesn’t play these cat and mouse games. We wouldn’t be in this position in a Moi era. Sometimes a dictator is best.” She noted.

DP Ruto has already gone public with his 2022 ambitions. Well, he has one guaranteed vote when that time comes.