The couple ferried 100 guests to Giraffe Arc resort in Nyeri, paid for their accommodation, food and luxuries. They also spoilt themselves by spending the night in the Family Luxury suite which costs Sh64,000 per night.


Size 8 says they went all out because of the hardships they went through before and after giving birth to the baby.

“I cannot reveal the exact amount I spent on my baby but she deserves it. I never had time to celebrate her since she was born. For starters, she was underweight since I had complications with the placenta making it hard for her to feed. My mother had also died at the same time so I was grieving,”the Mateke singer told Heads Up.


Although she did not reveal the exact amount spent on that day, a little birdie hinted that it was close to Sh500,000.

Some of the invited guests invited included gospel artistes Bahati and Ringtone.

“This was also a chance for both of our extended families to bond. My mother in-law who helped me raise the baby in the first few months as I recovered from hypertension was also there,” she said.


Size 8 gave birth to their daughter Ladasha Wambui last year, just a few days after her mother’s death. The baby weighed 1.7 kg then and the singer had to be admitted in ICU twice due to hypertension. She has since recovered and is enjoying motherhood.