Everyone got their own story on a moment of shame when you do things in private thinking no one will know only to realize a cctv was on your watch hah anyway this was the case to one Zari the boss lady after the world discovered she have been stalking her “co-wife“.

And that is how.. how do they say it, ‘whatever happens in the dark will one day come to light’ moment happened to Zari. While we know they don’t follow each other on Instagram for obvious reasons, that has not stopped the two from stalking each other on their social media pages.

At least that is evident with Zari after the incident.

It is now on record that she is keeping tabs on her enemies and the ever present threats and danger they pose. Zarina Hassan, her real name, has been going through Hamisa Mobetto’s photos. The photo she liked was incidentally that of her hubby Diamond’s former girlfriend, Wema Sepetu. Hamisa was wishing her a happy birthday.

I’m sure Zari has unliked the post by now but thanks to technology, a screenshot [see below] was captured for archiving by an online user and has since gone viral on social media.