A man who allegedly stole sanitary pads could be jailed for more than five years if found guilty.

Felix Musyoki Stephen was accused of breaking into a shop belonging to Jeniffer Shitandi on December 3 in Starehe area. The shop is located within the AP Camp in the area where the accused allegedly made away with one packet of sanitary pads and another of pampers, among other items.

In another count, the 44-year-old Musyoki was accused of dishonestly retaining two packets of Pembe maize flour.

According to court documents, on the material night around 10pm, the complainant locked her shop but around 4am on December 4, an AP officer on patrol heard noises inside the shop. The court heard that the accused, in the company of others, fled, but was arrested with the sanitary pads and two packets of maize flour.

Musyoki denied the charges, claiming “I didn’t steal anything; in fact, the police stole my Sh2,000 and beat me.”

He was set free on a Sh100,000 bond or cash bail of Sh50,000. The case will be heard on May 12, 2016.