Starting a life with the one you love, has nothing – Z.E.R.O – to do with a ceremony, plush or whatever.

It has everything to do with finding a companion, partner in crime, your wierdo, yaani, the person whose farts you will look forward to smelling, pende usipende.

Most people are not as lucky at finding that kind of connection, and some are.

Bebe Cool And Zuena Kirema are one such couple.

They fell in love and did not feel the need to falust that by throwing a lavish wedding ceremony, they settled for a civil ceremony.

Zuena reminises aout the days she walked into the civil chambers to say “I do” to Bebe. This was back in 2013.

“Before the kids was us….Musa & Zuena. 12-09-2003 was the day we said i do at Crane Chambers in a civil wedding,we are celebrating 14 years in marriage and we can’t hide our excitement.” Zuena said in a social media post.

“We were so young but this Rasta man guided me to the right path and groomed me to the wife & mother i am today.
My Rasta man promised heaven on earth and am glad he has delivered 90% of what he promised,most of all this Rasta has protected me,taken care of me in all aspects and he’s one person i know that can take a bullet for me.Am the kind that will complain on unnecessary spending be it on myself but when it comes to me he’ll do anything to put a smile on my face.
He keeps telling me he wants another wedding with me in a proper gown 👰🏻🙈 but we’ll see about that.
As we celebrate 14yrs in marriage with 5 kids & another on the way, all i ask Allah is to keep guiding & protecting us,grant us good health,lead our children in the right path of praising & serving Allah & most of all grant us long lives on this earth.
Happy Anniversary my love Bebe Cool,” Zuena glowed.

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