It’s 2017 people! We can all agree that most celebrities are the trend setters but it seems some are letting fans down.

Fans have on several occasions complained that they feel let down by the repeated behavior of their favorite celebs.

So, how about we take a look at a list of celebrities whose habits have irritated fans.


Sagging is not swag bruh! Someone might have lied to this Mapenzi hit maker that he looked so good in sagged pants. The truth is, it looks so unattractive on you. Evidently Bahati should change this habit especially now that he is looking for Mama Morgan. Which girl falls in love with a dude who sags nowdays anyway? I guess the only answer would be Diana Marua, Bahati’s rumoured yellow yellow girlfriend. Get your A game up bro but sagging is a NO NO!

Willy Paul

The truth about Willy Paul is that he might seem so attractive to most of his fans with his killer poses and electric dances. But hey! Pozze is one copy cat character. He copies almost all of Diamond Platnumz dance styles even down to his grooming. In his Take It Slow track and Tiga Wana controversial track, Will Paul has been seen rocking clothes exactly like Diamond. One thing to note Willy paul Msafi is that no lass wants a copy and paste man. Style up!

Jimmy Gait

Huyu anapenda attention! Just because Jimmy Gait attracted attention with his Yesu Ndie Sponsor, he went ahead to release Cool Your temper another funny tittle to his track. It seems it’s one trick he noticed to getting thousands of Youtube views. Can you stop this funny tittle business you are doing? Fans are tired of it, unless you want them to ignore you!

Dk Kwenye Beat

Tell me people, what is the meaning of Tikolo, Pakacha, Sari Sari and Furi Furi? These are apparently the tittles to DK’s songs. Some might have made it to the top music charts but fans still don’t understand what they mean. What happened to tittles like Ebenezer, Kuna Dawa and Utamu wa Yesu?

Ljay Maasai

It is very nice and acceptable to embrace where you come from. Ljay Maasai, who is well know for his trendy Maasai grooming, seems to overdo this African print. Just in almost every event, Ljay seems to have a touch of a Maasai sense of fashion. Wait until he makes an appearance with a suit colored with a Maasai print bow tie. This seems to be too much exaggerated and needs to be put aside in 2017 man!