It has been known that musician treat their fans to little things like drinks, food and having fan, just petty things and long lasting gifts. But it has come as a surprise that a musician could do this to a young man. Davido has done beyond what people coukld think of.

The super rich Singer Davido has surprised everyone by building a young for his fan and providing a roof over his head together with his single mother.

He went out of his way and build them a house after the boy did his song. He changed their lives forever for such a blessing. “A hand that gives receives” so is the saying goes in the bible.

Davido was touched by his fan who became instant online sensation did his song “if” to a point he has decided to educate him and put up a house for him.

Utibe as he is his name and only 5 years old, and if things go the way they look, having come from a poor back ground their lives will never be the same again for the young mans family.

After he had taken over educating him he took it upon himself to make them comfortable in a place they can call home.

He first shared the news on his social media accounts of the happening.

This what he had to say;

‘’Utibe loving the new house I’m having being built for him and his mother!! Can’t wait to visit when I’m back home!! OBO GOT U FOR LIFE!!!’’Davido wrote.
The singer expressed how he was looking forward to spending some quality time with his new friend in their new home.

What a blessing oooh!!!!!!!