Many people get to see the glitzy and glamour side of artistes. But behind all that polished finish is a soul that could tell you tales that can make your stomach churn.

Singer Vivian narrated her own story to encourage anyone who is also struggling. It was part of the international day of celebrating the girl child.

The Charm hitmaker revealed that at a time when she had started out her career and was moderately well know, she wold sleep hungry.

“Another friend I need to thank is DK Kwenye Beat for sharing his family food with me. Sometimes I slept hungry. Yes, I was a celebrity but sleeping hungry. My songs were playing everywhere but deep inside I was in agony. My room was empty, no seats. I sat on the floor. I keep thanking God for everything I have now. His Grace is surely sufficient. For those who are going through tough times
#ItCanBeTougher #StayStrong #InternationalDayofTheGirlChild,” Vivian revealed.

vivianne kenyaVivian added that she also lost a gig she really needed because the organiser looked her up and down and realise she is not dressed like a celeb.