Singer AY has shared some of the good qualities that Tanzanians seem in Kenyans. The singer said Kenyans good at thinking on their feet and always aggressive when going after their dreams Kenyans are aggressive people and Tanzania’s rapper AY marvels it all.
“Kenyan people are aggressive when pursuing their dreams, and if you ask me, that is commendable,” said AY in an interview with Edaily.
“They are also good at thinking on their feet; their (business, investment, development) ideas are often on point, and in most instances, yield desired results. Kenya has a huge potential of becoming more successful than she is now.”
AY has been in and out of the country. He has dated one of our best singers, Amani, and worked with numerous artists in the country to make hit music. To him Kenya always feels like home. “Kenya is like my second home after Tanzania,” he said. “The country’s climate is great.”
Real names Ambwene Allen Yessayah, He began his career with the group S.O.G. in 1996. He then decided to go solo in 2002. AY is among the first bongo flava artists to commercialize hip hop. He was member of the musical group known as East Coast Army, but now he’s no longer part of the group.