She is a female rapper from bongo land who’s music has captivated the hearts of many Kenyan fans.

The stunning beauty is in Kenya to promote her music, and being the home of music, the lass was hosted by Kiss FM’s Adele and Shaffie to discuss her music.

Roza Ree, a Tanzanian based hip hop artist started her rapping career two years ago but her love for music was from way back during her childhood. ”The response to my music is actually better than I expect because the words on the song are ”ni maneno makali” in other words feisty”, she said this when asked about her hit ”UP IN THE AIR.”



Coming from Tanzania where there are strict rules to avoid songs being banned, Rosa Ree has had to find smart ways to ensure her music continues ruling the airwaves. She’s ensured there’s a more cleaner version to the song.

Rozaree comes from Tanzania but lived in Kenya specifically in Rongai ‘diaspora’ way back and attended her primary and secondary school before going back to her home country.

She is signed to the same label as Ugandan musician Navy Kenzo and writes her own lyrics and is open to write for other artists too. Her hit maker ”UP IN THE AIR” chorus was not originally written by her but she added a little bit of her own taste that she referred to as the  ”ROZAREE FLOW”.


Their label enables them to pitch for each others songs.’  ‘I listen to every kind of song like if it’s fresh, if it’s nice I’ll go with it”, Roza Ree said this when asked about her what genre she listens too. She did a remix to ”ONE TIME” and featured none other than Khaligraph Jones aka ”baba yao”.

Khaligraph and Rozaree have never met before but communicated on-line. ”We clicked like the flow, the vibe, the words, the lyrics was amazing”’. Rozaree added her experience working with Khaligraph . The song is set to be dropped soon.

Apart from music she is working on an endorsement with ”BELAIRE” after she dropped “ONE TIME”.’ ‘It’s major for me because it shows with just one step I did so much I was recognized so widely”, she added this as part of her achievements.