Rich Mavoko has signed on to Diamond Platinumz record label ‘Wasafi’ kaka2

Rich Mavoko could easily be classified as one of the most underrated Bongo artists in the region releasing hit after hit. But this will not be for long as the Tanzanian artist has now signed to Diamond’s label. It is the first ever record company in Tanzania owned by an artist called Wasafi Records which was officially launched yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

Mavoko who was signed to King kaka’s label, did not renew his contract opting to shift camps to his native country.

‘Congratulations to my brother and friend @richmavoko for joining @diamondplatnumz ‘s Wasafi Records all the best, wishing you nothing but greatness, we had great times at Kaka Empire and looking forward to making more hits and inspiring our generations. Kubwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.’ King Kaka posted on his Instagram yesterday.

Diamond on the other side could not hide his excitement as he welcomed the artist to his stable. ‘Welcome to the Family @richmavoko. Let’s take Bongo flava to the world!’ He posted on his Instagram.

The signed artist who has a collabo with King Kaka as well, has already dropped a new song barely before the ink could dry called ‘Ibaki Story’.1362578

Meanwhile ‘Marry Me’ hit singer Richard (Rich) Mavoko has signed a contract to become the first ambassador to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Solar for Education (S4E) campaign.

According to a statement made available to the ‘Daily News’, Solar for Education campaign is an initiative of the WWF Regional Office for Africa (ROA) Energy Hub piloted in 2015 by WWF Tanzania to demonstrate the opportunities renewable energy solutions can provide to the social economic transformation in Africa.

“We are grateful to Rich Mavoko for standing with us in this important cause and call on other important personalities in Tanzania, Africa and the rest of the world to take a stand with us,” Africa Energy Coordinator Robert Ddamulira said in the statement.

“By working together – we can end energy poverty within our generation.” Across Africa, an estimated 500 million people, the majority of them young people aged below 30 years, do not have access to modern energy lighting services.

Together these energy poor people spend more than 10 billion US dollars annually on expensive, polluting and unhealthy kerosene, a fossil-fuels traditional used in lighting the majority of homes in sub-Saharan Africa at night.

These fossil-fuel are an important contributor to global emissions causing climate change, perhaps the greatest human development facing the world today.

Tanzania is an important demonstration of this monumental global sustainable energy access challenge let alone the opportunities.

With more than 90 per cent of Tanzania’s population aged below 50 years, young people are an important demographic in addressing the sustainable energy challenge in Tanzania today and in the foreseeable future.

“These young people identify with big music personalities such as Rich Mavoko and securing the commitment of such big artist names behind an important sustainable energy cause such as the Solar for Education campaign can be an important game changer in tilting the balance towards widespread transition towards sustainable energy solutions,” Ddamulira said.