An overall look at Zari’s life would reveal a lavish 30 something year old woman married to a sensational East African musician.

But there is clearly more to what the public eye sees, as Zari has her fair share of problems.

If she is not constantly battling rumors of her husband’s infidelity, she is trolling socialites and other girls who crave to be in her position. A lady of her stature is bound to have a few haters here and there.

A new twist in the Zari tale has unfolded, after a section of Tanzanians threatened her life, claiming she is bearing children only to such the wealth out of Diamond.

This comes amid rumors that the two’s union is on the rocks, and Zari is doing little to help the gossiping.

She recently posted a promo photo on her Instagram of her ex Ivan Ssemwanga’s event, completely snubbing her husband’s which was also very much hyped by everyone.

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Is there looming trouble in paradise?