Citizen TV’s Terryanne Chebet is single and ready to mingle- but with  a few requirements on the sort of gentlemen who should tender their interestIf you still sag your pants and say ‘I will kuja’  or any of its equivalent in weird sheng, stay away.


Citizen TV’s cream business news reporter, Terryanne Chebet, is single. As single as a nose.  Good thing is that the fine miss who  in her late thirties is ready for some action- the dating and settling down sort of action.

Anyway, the entertainment desk ran a conversation
with Chebet. We picked her mind. We got all the right answers to our questions.

In her line of work, the hot mother of one  gets hit on. Left, right and center. Interest from rich men, smooth talking gentlemen and men who can afford a weekend in the Bahamas without lapsing into insolvency.


Yet, she is still single. Why?  Simple. Most of the men who ogle at her don’t meet the cut. They have what it takes but lack the oomph. That IT factor. Chebet loves a man who can keep a conversation going. Not on Whatsapp by the way.  She loves a man who is in control. A man who knows the stock market will be  plus for the TV presenter. Her life revolves around that.

If you are one of those lads who are pre-occupied with football, sorry, your application has been rejected. The same applies to empty talkers. Lofty words accompanied by nothing. Stay away.

Chebet has always dreamt of having a garden wedding on December, 29 and is obsessed with designing her house. She has a thing  for mirrors and furniture.

Black is her favorite color. She loves her wine or Jack Daniels, Tennesee Honey and constantly waltzes to 3 times a lady.