Saraha got everyone in a serious craze since it was launched and of course, we know Kenyans were very fast to find out what this new addiction was all about.

Its initial plan being a platform to improve and help a company improve on how it works was thrown out of the window as soon as it landed here.

With major celebrities joining it, it may be brewing trouble for some of them like Terryanne Chebet.

Her first question seconds after joining the ‘Saraha Squad’ just lit a fire. This being an anonymous platform, one went on to ask if she is Dating Dennis.

She left her fans guessing when she posted the question on her Instagram as to which Dennis this is. People went on guessing giving names of the famous Dennis’ like Dennis Oliech, Dennis Okari and Dennis Onsarigo.

Well, the comment section always brings some comic relief. Dennis Itumbi went on to wish he was the Dennis being discussed which of course rose comments.