Renown business news anchor Terryanne Chebet was among a long list of employees who were fired from the Royal Media Services last week.terryanne-chebet-cleavage1-502x483

Another news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua was also among other victims who were shown the door at the giant media house, a process which was referred to as “job redundancy” by the RMS Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru.

Speaking of Terryanne, who has also in the recent past emerged as one of the fastest-rising young entrepreneurs in the region, the news about her being fired from Citizen TV was hard to absorb.

It’s obviously a common feeling for everyone when you get laid off from a job. We feel devastated and discouraged. But all that matters is how we handle it.

For Terryanne, sharing her experiences through good and tough times keeps her going.

Over the weekend, one of her posts on social media bared it all. It explained her bruised feelings following the heart-breaking developments at RMS.

“Good morning friends. It’s been a tough week but I’d like to thank everyone who has called, texted and sent me encouraging inbox messages. Thank you and may God bless you as you have blessed me. That door is now closed but I’m looking forward to better things ahead,” she wrote.

Today, Terryanne has chosen to tell the world how she is dealing with the unfortunate situation.

“I’ve been told before never to share my sorrows because people will laugh and poke at my misfortunes. But I’ve learnt that vulnerability isn’t a weakness. If I only post pictures of happy fabulous days, it will be pretentious to you and to myself. That’s not who I am. Allow me to share my journey with you, in both good and bad times. It will help me bounce back, and hopefully uplift someone else going through the same thing. Deal? Off to build the nation,” she says.