Jackson Makini commonly known as Prezzo recently has been making news with his ex-fiance Michelle Yola. This has happened for some time now until Yola went to the media to blast Prezzo for threatening her and telling him to keep off. This is after the two had some disagreement about their relationship.

During an interview with Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango on Breakfast with the Stars, Prezzo opened up about the pregnancy of his ex, Yola.

That’s not my baby. You know; am a responsible individual and my pull up game is so strong but congratulations to her I’m happy for her and life goes on.”


Earlier Michelle had said that Prezzo has been threatening her through text messages and but Prezzo denied the allegations.

Its all a lies! Anybody who knows me, knows am somebody who sticks to my lane. The only way I can translate this whole thing is that, her star is fading off and you know at the end of the day what else is she gonna talk about apart from PrezzoI put that on my mother’s life. Have never talked to that girl and have never sent any threats to her. The last thing I had about her is that she lives in Jamhuri, and the matter of facts she is the one who has been reaching to me for whatever reasons she reaches out to me like she says she is sick, she has been admitted to hospital; I go there I find it was nothing.


He also said that Yola has no proof of the threat allegations.

If Yola had any kind of prove that i was calling her or harassing her; she is very good at that on Instagram. You will find a 103 screenshots so she dint show any prove.”

Prezzo says that he has been in many interviews and he never talks about her the way Yola does him. He added that if they were in a relationship and it never worked it doesn’t mean that they cannot be friends rather than blaming each other. He has released his latest song Vumilia featuring RnB crooner Chess.