Couple fighting

Familiarity breeds contempt. That’s been the proverbial catchphrase that is taken as, well, gospel truth. If that were the case though, would marriages really last past the one-year mark

Marriage, besides the close association of an annoying colleague at work or pesky boss, is probably where extensive knowledge or close relationship with someone may lead to loss of respect that’s tolerated to the point of habitual acceptance. No wonder, the old adage that marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy.

In its most romantic form, it’s like a deck of cards – it begins with two hearts and a diamond, but at the end, you would probably wish you had a club and a spade!

Tales abound of married couples whose sense of decorum during the dating phase is cast to the wind, no sooner they unpack their honeymoon luggage and get in step with the humdrum pace of life’s tedious hassle.

The commonly cited case is that of breaking wind in the presence of your spouse with a deadpan expression of a mortician. Says John Mutua who’s been married for almost seven years now: “My wife was the shy type and was very particular about decency. I remember her pinching me repeatedly every time I let go after a ‘gas-filled’ meal.


But today, she’s the one who is leading the fart brigade,” Mutua says with the resigned air of a teacher whose student has taken over as the master. And why not, after all, marriage has been touted as a state in which the man loses his bachelor’s degree and the woman gets her master’s degree!