It has been a tough, hard, mourning week surrounded by controversies after Ivan Ssemwangas death. Diamond Platnumz seems to be in mourning too. Though in Kenya for performance, he has been speaking how tough it has been since the death of Zaris baby daddy.

Saying he had spoken to his wife of the performance in Nairobi since he couldn’t cancel after promising his fans in Kenya that he would come to perform. He said it’s not an easy decision but i had promised before Ssemwangas death that i would perform.

If your wife is mourning you have be a part of it, whether in Africa or elsewhere. This is what he had to say after the loss of Zaris Baby Daddy.

Kwa kweli umekuwa ni wakati mgumu na kucancel tu show ya watu ghafla inawezekana ukapata taswira tofauti. Nimeongea na mzazi mwenzangu akanielewa. Nikimaliza hapa ntaenda Uganda kwa sababu ya mazishi (It has been a difficult time and canceling the show would create a bad impression. I have spoken to my partner and she allowed me. I will fly to Uganda for burial after the show),” Diamond said.
Diamond’s wife is said to be in tussle with her in laws over her ex husbands estate which is said to be in millions of shillings.
The Body of Ivan will be flown to Uganda on Sunday. He will be laid to rest on Tuesday at his ancestral home. Plans are currently under way for his burial, which is said to be, according to rumours like a rich gang President burial ceremony. It’s expected to be high class posh burial.
Diamond has said he will be flying to attend after the performance, to be with His wife and children.