Singer TID is currently working under Mwana FA who is currently mentoring him a month after he admitted to abusing drugs.

The singer whose health had started to deteriorate is now focused on getting his life back on track and Mwana FA offered to walk hand in hand with him until he fully recovers.

Just recently Mwana FA revealed that TID’s health has started to improve and that their gym sessions are getting better each day. Speaking to Bongo 5 Mwana FA said that TID is slowly adopting to working out though sometimes it seems hard since he had not worked out for a while.

Romy Jones, Petitman and TID in court

Romy Jones, Petitman and TID in court (Photo Courtesy)

He added that during their recent session TID got a bit too sweaty from lifting and working his body but this was a gone sign as the singer was slowly regaining his former body which he will be able to control in the coming years.
So far many artistes have come out to help TID recover with no regrets and with all that positive energy around him chances are he will get over this phase smoothly.

TID is however being monitored by the police to avoid him getting involved with drugs again. Anyway, hopefully with time he will manage to get back on his feet and focus on his career.