Timmy Tdat is quickly gaining the infamy as the music industry’s bad boy. If he is not releasing salacious music videos, he is embroiled in juicy scandals. The recent one being his very public break up with Kush Tracey. Then there is this…

The Usinikazie Dus Nyau rapper broke up with Kush Tracey after a nasty public brawl in a club. The genesis of the split is still been debated upon by gossip pundits.

Anyhow, Kush Tracey did an interview recently with one of the media outlets where she claims, Timmy’s game in bed is lower than the devil’s basement parking, in hell.timmy-datt1-630x420


Timmy has now come out to respond to the claims. The star who is launching his latest single with Sudi Boy called Iromo, described the track the story of “a woman. An idea woman”.

With regard to Kush’s affront to his manhood, Timmy told Mpasho, “I was like, ‘Hey girl! Really now?!”

Laughing, he added,


“It has been six months down the line, why now? Nikajua tuu hizi vitu ni za kawaida. Maybe she wants to release a song or she is up to something because tukiwa pamoja it was all good. Sikushtuka sana.”

When asked what was the last time the two of them talked? Timmy said, “A while back. We don’t talk.”

Have you blocked her on WhatsApp? “Naaaah. Why would I do that?”

Check out the video for the full interview.