Timmy Tdat is one of Kenya’s bad boys in the music industry at the moment and with his hit songs getting positive attention and there is no doubt that he’s here to stay.

The Inaweza hitmaker has recently been linked to beautiful singer Dela of Taurus Musik, with the two getting cozy and attending events together during the last couple of weeks.

Timmy Tdat – real name Timothy Owuor – was previously dating female rapper Kush Tracey for months, though the two ex-lovers tried to keep it a secret when they started the romance, but we all know how that went.

At some point, the two decided to make the relationship official, hanging out in clubs together and going public, but for their love affair became the talk of the town when they were involved in a grisly road accident in Rongai while coming from a show.

However, Timmy and Kush Tracey had one of the nastiest celebrity breakups after an ugly brawl at a popular club in Langata, where the femcee accused the male rapper of physically abusing her. Timmy, on the other hand, claimed that Kush was flirting with a popular politician.

Well, now that the two are history, Timmy seems to have found comfort in the shoulders of Dela Maraga, and the two keep fuelling their dating rumours by going to events together and even sharing videos of each other on social media.

When Timmy Tdat was asked about his relationship with Dela and if they were really dating, he said that the mellow-voiced singer is only teaching him how to sing and that they are just friends and nothing more.

But now, Timmy Tdat seems to have eyes for someone else, the beautiful and classy fashionista and radio/TV presenter, Anita Nderu.

During Larry Madowo’s show, The Trend, where he was debuting his new song, Trikide, Timmy revealed how Anita makes his heart skip a beat whenever she mentions his name on the popular show.

“Kuna huyu mgal dem amesema jo amenilike na amesema mara tatu ama mara nne…. Anita jo, unafanya heart yangu inawarm. Every time unasem “Oh my God, I like the guy”, hata watu wa Kasabun wanaget motivated,” said Timmy Tdat as he gushed about Anita Nderu.

Timmy Tdat also explained the meaning behind his new song, Trikide, why he always performs and shoots his music videos while shirtless. He also revealed where he used to school plus the challenges he faced growing up in a ghetto.

Check out the video below for all the details;