Timmy Tdat And Dela Video Of Them Kissing Emerges


It Has been rumored that Timmy Tdat and Dela were together after pictures of them kissing in public were seen.This is  a rumor they both denied until a video of both surfaced to prove they were once an item.

They were spotted together on several occasions and at times kissing and not peck kisses but real kissing. And people were just surprised when they denied the fact that they were together.

An exclusive interview with mpasho the one Dela denied claims that they were seeing each other. So, here we have it. What were they doing kissing in public?

Or Dela just checked in after the break up of ‘bad boy’ Timmy and Dela? so, ‘Mafeelings’ hit maker was for sure having feelings for Dela as this video emerged of them so much into each other exchanging saliva.

Timmy is ‘bad boy’ in the secular industry, because if you want ‘it’ he will give it to you as he was seen kissing an air hostess who’s identity has not been revealed yet.

Now check his video kissing singer Dela;